Out of Africa Order Page

Welcome to Out of Africa!  This is where you will find unique, Afrocentric themes in handcrafted gifts, home accessories, personal accessories and more.

These items have been gathered from other pages in Fishersworld to make it easier for you to shop for  items with Afrocentric themes.                   

Please send an email to giftboutique@fishersworld.com or fax 1-800-347-1844 or phone 888-518-2999 BEFORE you pay to ensure the availability of your selection! I will confirm your order and then you may pay using your credit card or PayPal by using the special order page. It's that simple and safe!

Afro-centric Towels - ACT#1
Towel Mbembe - TM#2
Afro-centric Towels - ACT#3
Afro-centric Towels - ACT#4
Maisai Shield - MS#5
African Motif Packaging #6
Jewelry - AfroAmberPier #7
African Motif Packaging #8
African Motif Packaging #9
Imported African-crafted Togo Bedroom Accessories #12
King size coverlet, pillow covers and flat sheet
King size coverlet, pillow covers and flat sheet
Ashanti Napkin #14
Adinka Soap #16