Recovery Zone/Replacement Place Order Page

The Replacements Place is a treasure trove of vintage, discontinued and hard-to-find dinnerware pieces by Corning Ware, Corelle, Pyrex, Fire King, Anchor Hocking and other glassware companies. Some of these companies have merged, gone out of business or changed their names. You can order one piece or a set if available of any pattern that is listed as in stock!

Please send an email or fax BEFORE you pay to ensure the availability of your selection! I will confirm your order and then you may pay using your credit card or PayPal by using the special order page. It's that simple and safe!

Woodland Brown
Subtle Blue
Cornflower Blue
Indian Summer
Floral Bouque
Forever Yours
Silk Blossoms
Woodland Brown
White w/Grey Stripe
Pyrex Floral Design
Pyrex Floral Design
Corning - Almond
Almond by Corning
Butterfly Gold
Spice of Life - Corning
Spice of Life - Corning
Undertermined clear ovenware
Woodbine by Yamak
Friendship by Corning
Country Cottage
Ribbon Bouquet
English Breakfast
Old Town Blue Onion
Butterfly Gold
Blueberry - Corning